Friday, November 23, 2007

1967 Star Trek Rocket Pistol

Dude is selling two extremely rare vintage Star Trek Rocket Pistol toys. Bidding ends in 3 days. Seller says:
The toy was produced in 1967 by Remco Toys and follows the Hamilton Invaders, Monkey Division and Land of the Giants pistol toy line of the Sixties. The exciting difference is the toy’s Star Trek decal inserts, photo box decal and box specific printing with Desilu Productions (owner of the Star Trek series at the time). “Based on the Exciting NBC TV Series”

The grenade launching, cap snapping toy pistol is in very fine almost mint condition with no missing, worn or broken parts. Decals are fine and unworn. The cap gun part has been fired as there is powder residue in the discharge area. It is unknown if there were ever caps supplied with the toy. The box or instructions do not list them. Color combination is a black body / blue handles and muzzle; box shows blue body / black handles and muzzle.

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