Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Morning Musume's Mikan

Morning Musume's latest single Mikan is growing on me the more I listen to it. Watch the Mikan PV (with English subs) above. I love the PV a lot because I get to see the photographs of the gals when they were little kids. As usual, my Risa Niigaki is as cute as ever. The single will be released on November 21 - my birthday (great choice gals)! For a higher quality video, check out Dohhh UP!

Previously: Morning Musume visits Taiwan! Taiwanese go crazy!


Mr Big said...

I think u go crazy too if they come to Singapore.

Myra Leong said...

IZ: The short hair girl that sings most of the lines is cute. Your Risa doesn't sing much in this song. Btw, when will you start calling me "My Myra Leong"? ;o)

Anonymous said...

mikan means mandarin oranges

Shy said...

Oh your birthday is coming!!! So what shall it be? Do you want me to cook you for dinner?

Shy said...

OOps!! I meant, do you want me to cook you dinner?

zinc said...

>The single be released on November 21

is that a birthday gift frm Risa? kekeke.

chloe said...

Anonymous: mikan means mandarin oranges

Ha, I am having it now!
taste sweet but bit sour though :P

IZ Reloaded said...

Shy: Sounds good! I mean you cooking dinner for my birthday. Hehe.

Chloe: The song was named Mikan (mandarin oranges) because the girls will eat mandarin oranges whenever they sit down to talk to about their childhood.

Myra Leong: Oh MY Myra Leong... (happy??)

zinc: I wish mate!!!

Mr Big: I'll go nuts for sure!!!