Thursday, December 15, 2005

Being gay is the IN thing in the animal world

I love Wild Sex! Er, I mean I love to watch Wild Sex. Nope. Not people having sex in the wild. No, no, no. I prefer animal sex. I've been watching Wild Sex, a documentary on National Geographic which airs every Monday night. Wild Sex tells the amazing stories and bizarre behaviours that lie behind universal urge and shows the extraordinary strategies animals use to ensure success in the highly competitive world of sex.

Last week's episode is the best. It is about animal homosexuality. I was really surprised after watching it. I have always thought that homosexuality in the animal kingdom should not exist among the masses because that will prohibit the success of a particular species. Oh boy, I was wrong.

I found an interesting article that describes very well what certain scientists have found out. Animals prefer homosexuality to evolutionism! From the article:
Male lions "head-rub" and roll around with each other, while vampire bats develop erections during erotic same-sex grooming and licking. Whales and dolphins rub their bodies together and stroke each other with their flippers or tail flukes. Male giraffes indulge in prolonged bouts of affectionate "necking", often followed by mounting and culminating in apparent orgasm. Novel sexual postures and oral sex of various kinds are also commonplace, says Bagemihl, who notes that female long-eared hedgehogs are known to engage in mutual genital licking, while male orang-utans practice fellatio.

"Nearly every type of same-sex activity found among humans has its counterpart in the animal kingdom," he concludes. His take-home message is simple: homosexual behaviour is as "natural" as heterosexual behaviour.
Lions, whales, bats! They are all doing it. Wikipedia has a list of animals who are practicing homosexuality. Browse through the list and you will know what I mean. But there is one animal that practice homosexual sex in vast quantities. Presenting the Bonobos. From the article earlier:
There is one species, however, in which pleasure and homosexual activity seem undeniably linked. Even the sceptical Clutton-Brock, when asked about this species, the bonobos or pygmy chimpanzees, agrees laughingly, "Oh them, well, they'd probably do anything".

"If you're looking for homosexual sex in vast quantities, forget humans, it's bonobos you want," says primatologist Robin Dunbar. "It's scandalous," he chuckles. "They'll have sex with anyone, never mind the sex or age." An observer doesn't have to wait long to notice females locked into a face-to-face embrace all the better to indulge in mutual genital rubbing, or spy males glued together via open-mouthed kisses with plentiful mutual tongue stimulation.
The bonobos. You've got to love 'em. Yeah, baby! Yeah!

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