Monday, December 19, 2005

Ministry of Sound in Singapore

One of the most famous clubs in the world has opened its doors in Singapore. Ministry of Sound (MoS) Singapore is the fourth MoS. The others being MoS UK, MoS Germany and MoS Australia. Here are what some local bloggers are saying about the new MoS.

Felicitious feels dissapointed but maybe that has to do with her aching feet. From Felicitious:
1. the main dance arena in the centre, playing signature MoS techno and might I add rather disappointingly too.. may be if I was off my face, I might have enjoyed it but that kinda leaves ;

2. Pure, the white room which plays lounge. Hmmm not sure why, but it felt very Velvet-esque except that everything was so bright.. the floors were white, but not for long - clubbers do not have clean shoes!;

3. Smoove, the hip-hop/r'n'b room, with a rather kinky cage surrounding the dance floor. I do like my r'n'b but sad to say, I couldn't get my groove really going to the music they played;

4. 54, yes as you may have guessed, disco music and lit-up dance floor. Think John Travolta. No further comment.

5. Various VIP rooms/sections.
Aze says MoS Singapore rawks! From AzE's pLaZe:
the door host is reallly friendly..just like Ning at Momo..enter and head to the baggage counter..super friendly counter staff..even wished me an enjoyable nite as i turned to walk off..enter the club..whoa..a caged arena..this was the RnB room..bits of graffiti..very ghetto the space pretty much reminds me of Coccolatte..reaffirmed by the fact that much later into the nite when i revisited the room..the dancefloor was so packed it brought me back to my experiences at 10pm..the door were flung open and we were allowed to access the rest of the rooms..entering the main room..i immediately was reminded of MOS Taipei..the layout was damn was uncanny..well..cept for the grand staircases leading up to the other levels were replaced with a unnoticable spiral stairs and get this..AN ESCALATOR!! WTF!! an escalator in a club in is so unheard of la!!
Kelvin Chung rates and compares both MoS and Zouk. Guess who wins. From Kelvin Chung:
zouk 6.5
mos 8

zouk 8
mos 5 (perhaps due to the fact that it's opening day? we shall see)

zouk 6
mos 8

BOUNCER EQ & IQ (whatever.... anything's gotta do with bouncers):
zouk 8
mos 4 (so sorry but that particular cb bouncer failed this)

zouk 8
mos 6

zouk 8
mos 7

zouk 44.5/60
mos 38/60

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