Saturday, December 24, 2005

Scared of Santa Claus?

Scared of Santa Claus? This video on YouTube shows that you are not alone. It is a montage of photographs of children who became terrified when they meet Santa.

When I was a little boy, like most of you, I listened to stories of Santa Claus flying around with his reindeers. This big fat bearded man in a red suit will get into people's houses via their chimneys and deliver christmas presents.

I was never afraid of Santa until one day. My parents used to bring me to meet Santa in shopping malls during Christmas time and they will put me on his lap and take photos of me and the big man. And everytime I sat on Santa's lap, I will start pulling his beard. I don't really know why I did it. Maybe coz I was fascinated to see if the beard is real. So there I was, pulling down every Santa's beard that I can get my hands on. I must have done this to 5 or more Santa Claus. Then there was this Santa. As I sat on his lap, I gave him the same treatment I gave the others. Ouch! He screamed. I remember it. It was a freakish, girly scream. He dropped me on the floor. I cried. Bruise on my bum. And that's it. I freaked out and thus began my fear of Santa Claus.

He tried to kill me, mum! Santa wanna kill me!

Damn that Santa Claus. If I ever get my hands on him.

(Thanks Darius, not for the Santa but the YouTube video)


Anonymous said...

Love it! You poor little thing.

Anonymous said...

I have never cried infront of Santa but I have seen some kids who have. They must have known something we don't.

Anonymous said...

iz: those santas must be dreading you.

Anonymous said...

Moral of the story is don't pull people's beard. Hahahaha!

BTW, anyone knows the creepy song that was played in the video?

Anonymous said...


notti lil iz!

Anonymous said...

I think you got a beard fetish when you were a boy. :oP

Anonymous said...

nice post!!!

Anonymous said...

IZ: Hopefully you're not scared of Santa now. Hehe. about a sexy Santarina? *winks*

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