Friday, December 23, 2005

Singapore boy is Asia Go-Kart King

10 year old Andrew Tang has done Singapore proud. He has been crowned the Asian Karting Champion. From Channel NewsAsia:
Andrew Tang Li-Hern, a 10-year-old boy from Singapore, has clinched the Asian Karting championships title in Macau.

It's the region's leading karting championship and was held over the weekend.

The student from St Michael's School may just be Singapore's answer to Germany's Michael Schumacher.
I'm going to take you on Andrew! Name your track, time and date.


Anonymous said...

He is only 10, Z. :o)

Anonymous said...

IZ: You're too old for his category. Oooops.

Anonymous said...

The kid must be peeing in his pants now. hahaha!!

Anonymous said...

go IZ! go!

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