Happy Birthday Tsunami Baby

The tsunami that hit parts of Asia one year ago took away many lives. Aceh is perhaps the hardest hit with more than 130,000 people dead. For one family, that day back in December turned out to be a special day. Not only did they survive the tsunami, they also have a new born son. Two days ago, Rizal or also known as Muhammad Tsunami celebrated his first birthday. From The Jakarta Post:
The child was initially named Muhammad Tsunami, but after advice from neighbors, Nadiah changed the name.

"Muhammad Tsunami is such a bad name. If you are stuck with that name, the child could be haunted by bad luck in the future," said the neighbors.

Nadiah, whose husband was a small-time fisherman before the tsunami and now works in a recovery project, said she hoped little Rizal could contribute to the community.
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Anonymous said…
I would call it a miracle!
Anonymous said…
At least there is something good that happened during the tsunami.

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