Walking in crowded Singapore

If you find that walking in Singapore takes a lot of energy especially with the huge crowds in Orchard Road lately, then you are not alone. Whanafi dislikes the messy human traffic and asks this question, "Which side is Singapore on?" From Watching Paint Dry:
Having survived the Christmas shopping crowds once again, I was struck by the sheer amount of work it takes to walk in Singapore. The problem is that there does not seem to be a shared agreement about which side of the street to walk on, and so one is constantly forced to dodge and weave.

The situation is exacerbated by the government, which periodically puts out public education campaigns with catchy slogans like "Stand left, walk right" for the use of escalators. Trouble is, one can never predict whether the up escalator is going to be on the right or the left, and people generally do the opposite of government campaigns out of sheer bloody mindedness. (or more likely because they just don't care about impeding others...)


Anonymous said…
Which side am I on??

Hmm, I'm on your side IZ. *wink
Anonymous said…
Myra: ;o)

I hate the crowds in Orchard esp during Xmas period. Suffocating!!!
Anonymous said…
Once in a while it is okay to experience the crowd.
Anonymous said…
Use common sense lah. We don't need a rule to tell people which side to walk. Those who hate the crowds shouldn't be in a place full of them.
JackFrost said…
X'mas and the new year has lost its meaning.
Anonymous said…
errr what meaning? More booze? Hehehe.

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