Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Reporting the floods in Malaysia

New Journey who works as a journalist, went to the northern part of Malaysia to cover one of Malaysia's worst floods. From New Journey:
Everything was covered by yellowish water, I couldn’t see the road, and was not sure whether I would fall into a drain, praying to GOD to take good care of me, when my car was almost stuck in the middle of the flood area.

Fortunately the engine didn’t stall but was emitting lots of smelly smokes, something was burning and I had no idea, I had no other choice but to keep going, “life of Journalist, what else can I expect”, don’t even think your company will pay for the car damages, SUCK!
Part two of his report:
This is the most serious in last 30 years, but why the water LIKE to come in the end of the year? Last year I was sent to Indonesia right after Christmas on 26 December,Withnessed the outcome of TSUNAMI.

This year before I leave for my Christmas holidays, I have to cover the story of the most serious flood in the region.I think Christmas next year I shouldn’t plan any holiday, just in case!


Anonymous said...

I suspect end of the world is coming

Anonymous said...

The month december seems to be attracting disasters.

New Journey said...

thanks for mentioning me in your blog, the flood really SUCK.

Anonymous said...

Watched the news about it. Parts of Malaysia in the North and southern parts of Thailand too. Looks bad.

Anonymous said...

Vietnam got deadly flood too. What is happening?

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