Friday, December 30, 2005

How to order wine

I'm not a wine expert. I can't even pronounce some of their names. But I LOVE wine. This dude assembled a list of tips to help people like me order wine without looking like an asshole. From Waiter Rant:

8. When the waiter presents the bottle LOOK AT THE LABEL! Sometimes waiters make mistakes. My bistro has several wines of differing vintages from the same maker. Sometimes a ’97 is a shitload more expensive than an ‘01! You drink it you buy it. Caveat emptor pal.

9. DO NOT SMELL THE CORK! - When I see someone do this I know I’m dealing with a complete amateur. Guess what you’re gonna smell? Cork! You want to feel the cork to make sure it’s intact. Is the bottom of the cork moistened with wine? Good. That means it was stored properly. Make sure the name on the cork matches the name on the bottle. Sometimes unscrupulous bastards put cheap wine in old wine bottles and re-cork them! Is there mold on the cork? That’s a bad sign. But smelling the cork, in the vast majority of cases, tells you nothing. (Full disclosure – I used to smell the cork before I was a waiter.)

I'm no cock smeller...I mean cork. Are you?

(Thanks Kim Leng)


Anonymous said...

Great tips there. Very helpful indeed.

Anonymous said...

KNS !!

btw,cork smells new hobby is to collect them after a pte party,i realised that the cork smells all so nice.I have a lil collection of wines fr diff ctries.And the names on the cork must match the bottle,i realised how nicely they r printed too. :)

iz: u were a waiter b4 meh?

Anonymous said...

I'm blur when it comes to wine too. Those are very handy tips.

Anonymous said...

You don't need to know how to order wine IZ. You drink almost anything. Hehe.

Anonymous said...

Cock smeller? LOL

I remember the stupidest thing I did was to order a wine and I did not check the bottle. The bill came and it was 250 dollars!

Anonymous said...

Gaylord: Thankfully it ain't a 1980s bottle that will cost you more.

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