Friday, November 02, 2007

Free 20 prints from Snapfish

Here's another one who has grabbed her free 20 prints from Snapfish. A very happy Vogue Crown (noticed that she's an Arsenal fan.. grrrrr) said:
I’ve printed the first 20 photos for FREE! Hee Hee ;) To add on, you just have to pay for the standard mail postage which is a mere S$1.90 :) Also, it only cost S$0.19 for a print. Cheap lor! :cool:

Glad that the quality of the pictures I have printed comes out pretty satisfactory...

Anyway, the types of print range from mugs to mouse pads! Fwah! So tempted to get a mouse pad with Ji Hoon’s cute face printed on it. But rolling the mouse on his face? Hmm… I need to think twice.
Collect your free 20 prints from Snapfish by signing up now.

Have you grabbed your free 20 photo prints yet?
Grab your free 20 prints from Snapfish!

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tHemUxIcboX said...

o~ I've gotten the prints.... gd quality