Huge Collection of Soda Cans

This dude has been collecting soft drink cans in the US since 1973. He has an impressive collection of Coca Cola, Pepsi, Royal Crown Cola, Dr Pepper, 7 UP cans and more. These two coke cans are from 1965 and 1967 respectively.

(Thanks Maverick)


I am just wondering if anyone remembered 'Crystal Pepsi'. I don't but someone told me of this massive failed campaign and how 'Crystal Pepsi' was pulled off the shelves after four months!
Anonymous said…
crystal pepsi? by Coca Cola??
Anonymous said…
Looks like there are people who still want Crystal Pepsi.

Bring Back Crystal Pepsi Online Petition
This is so bizarre!
Anonymous said…
i kinda like crystal pepsi. i think at that time it was not the right time to introduce a new version of pepsi. dat why it failed.

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