Friday, June 22, 2007

Rent a room the easy way with

My pal Joe told me yesterday that he and his girlfriend are currently looking for a new place to stay. They would like to rent a room, preferably a master bedroom. So he has been busy these few days looking through the classifieds in the newspapers and websites.

Me being the good pal that I am, decided to help him out. Luckily I came across a new website which makes room rental for Singaporeans real easy, so I told him to take a look at the site. "RoomsDB? Never heard of it," he replied. I said why don't he give it a try - he will thank me for it, I assured him. was started by a dude from Germany who was studying in National University of Singapore. He was looking for accommodation here and found out that it was not easy to find a room online because there wasn't a good enough website for that purpose. So he decided to make one himself! That's how was born. Now he has a Hong Kong and Taiwan version too.

Using RoomsDB is a breeze. Just type into your browser and you'll be greeted by a simple page that loads pretty fast. Then follow these steps and you're on your way to find your ideal room to rent.


1) Click on "read offers" to check out all the available rooms for rent. The site has a growing list so you may need to narrow down your search.

2) You can narrow down your search by choosing the room type, district and others. For example, my pal wanted a room in Bukit Batok.


3) In a blink of an eye the site's database shows all the available rooms in Bukit Batok. A "yellow star icon" on the left of each ad means that there's no agent fee involved. Look for the room that interests you and then click the "magnifying glass icon" which will bring you to the ad in detail.


4) Lastly, you can contact the landlord either by handphone or by sending an email.

That's it. It's that simple!

There are several good points about RoomsDB. It's damn easy to use! This has to be by far the easiest and best room rental website in Singapore. You don't have to register, even when posting an ad! It also has lots of rooms available online - master bedrooms, common rooms in HDBs and condominiums. Some of the rooms are also available without any agent fee.

As for my pal, the latest I heard is that he really enjoyed using the website and he has already contacted a few of the landlords. Great! I hope he does get the room that he wanted. Now, let me see if I have a spare room to rent. Hehe. Gonna make some money!

Go try out RoomsDB and tell your pals about it too aye. Thanks!

(This sponsored post is brought to you by RoomsDB and Advertlets. Joe, bro you have to thank Advertlets if you get the room because without those nice fellas, I wouldn't know of the website in the first place!)


Anonymous said...

Yes good site and the owner not too bad looking too. Hehehe.

Anonymous said...

Wah sponsored post! How much they pay you? Haha!

Anonymous said...

Thanks dude. Will be useful for me when I plan to move out. Yeah!!!

Anonymous said...

IZ: You got spare room? Rent to me please!! I can cook. Clean your house. And do lots more.

Anonymous said...

Dude, don't have to use my name lah.


Later my parents know I staying with girl.

Anonymous said...

Joe: now the whole world knows. Hahaha!

Anonymous said...

I've used other sites before and they suck man.

Anonymous said...

IZ: Don't rent to Myra. I'm a better housemate. Trust me. *winks

Anonymous said...

IZ: How much?? just name me your price.