Tuesday, June 12, 2007

StarHub cable TV subscribers to pay more from July

Another local company has decided to join NETS to increase charges. StarHub has decided to increase its cable TV subscription charges come July. From Channel NewsAsia:
From July 11, subscription for the Basic Group and Value Pack will go up by $4.

That means their cheapest package of three basic groups will cost $24.

And in October, the price for the Sports Group will be up $10 to $25. In 2004, the price for this group almost doubled - from $8 to $15.
StarHub said that they have no choice but to raise the charges. From Channel NewsAsia:
Mr Thomas Ee, StarHub's senior vice-president of cable, fixed and IP services, said the price increases are a "natural result" of the rising prices of pay-TV content, which makes up 42 per cent of StarHub's cable TV revenue.

Said Mr Ee: "Most pay-TV operators around the world increase prices periodically, and StarHub has not done so despite a steady rise in costs over the years ... It is impossible to continue absorbing the costs indefinitely, so we have no choice but to implement this rate adjustment at this time."
No choice? Look StarHub, it's the cable TV viewers that do not have a fucking choice! So stop giving fucking excuses to take advantage of your customers. We have no fucking choice but to sign up anyway if we want to continue to watch our English Premier League for example. It's not as if we have a choice to sign up with a competitor.


Chuang Shyue Chou said...

This is indeed sad.

Anonymous said...

I'm fuckin pissed off too dude!

Anonymous said...

Good one IZ. It's we who do not have a choice.

Anonymous said...

Starhub has been making pretty healthy profits and they do not need to increase their cable tv charges. Up $10 for the sports group is way too much.

Anonymous said...

Triple whammy for July. GST increase, Nets increase (pending CASE's inquiry) and now this!

gie_chloe said...

Totally agree... StarHub is simply sucking the life out of us, the captured market.

Anonymous said...

New price hike should apply to new sign-ups only, and NOT to consumers with existing contracts. we cant terminate contract without suffering penalty. thats bullshit!!