Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hasbro working on GI Joe and Monopoly movie

Toy company Hasbro is banking on its toys and games to be made to blockbuster movies as it finds new ways to capitalise on its brands. Its Transformers movie is already the most eagerly anticipated movie of 2007 and now we hear that that they will be making GI Joe and maybe even a Monopoly movie. From Transformers LIVE:
Goldner said Hasbro is now working on a movie based on G.I. Joe, and he won't rule out other Hasbro-related movies down the line.

"You could imagine what a Monopoly movie would be like," Goldner said. "It's not a film of a board game. It can be the whole experience people have, and all the iconography of Monopoly."

Independent toy analyst Chris Byrne said the idea could work.

"Monopoly makes a lot more sense than some of the movies we've seen," he said.

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