Friday, June 15, 2007

Transformers movie will blow you away

That's according to this dude who attended a special screening of the new Transformers movie in Sydney recently. From Ain't It Cool News (link contains some spoilers) :
Which bring me to the following conclusion: those people out there who rued the day Michael Bay picked up directing duties for Transformers are idiots. Out and out fools. A flame on a once-flameless robot does not a bad movie make. Paul WS Anderson would have made this movie flameless and delivered a turgid pile of soggy salmon stool sample. There is NO OTHER director working today who could have provided the over-whelming spectacle that I witnessed last night. Exhilarating, and then some. This movie is exactly what a 2 hour live-action Transformers episode should be. In fact, I’m going to go as far as say that this is very possibly the best TV to big screen adaptation I can recall (having only recalled The Fugitive, Mission Impossible, The Mod Squad and Charlies Angels: Full Throttle). Transformers totally recaptures the euphoria of being 7 years old, sitting on the carpet in front of my old television set, TOTALLY engulfed by the awesomeness of fighting Transforming robots, neglecting my rice bubbles until they neither snap, crackle nor pop. Everything great about 80’s action cartoons from the action hero poses to the cheesy-fun good guy/bad guy back and fourths is here in hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades!
Boy, I sure hope he is right. Transformers opens in Singapore cinemas on June 28th!

*Looks at my calender

Someone bite me!!!


Monkey said...


What? You wanted it!

But seriously, I can't wait till the movie's OUT! WOOOO HOOOO!

"Traaanffffoorrrmeersss!!!! ROOOO-BOts Innnn Dizzzguiiizzeeee!!!DUm TA DAHAA DAAAAAAAAA!!!!!"

Anonymous said...

June 28?!!!!!!!

I thought July 4?

Ya someone bite me too!

Anonymous said...

He sounds like an overly excited Transformers fanboy.

Anonymous said...

Nabeh! Sydney get to see first!!!

Anonymous said...

I actually like M. Bay so therefore I think he will do alright with this film.

I don't think it was his choice that he changed the looks of the robots. Heard that Hasbro did not want the movie to have toys that look like their other toyline just in case if the movie flopped.

Anonymous said...

>Someone bite me!!!

IZ: I thought you'll never ask.



Anonymous said...

Ok now im excited

Anonymous said...

I think I will like the part when the Decepticons all say: All Hail Megatron!

Anonymous said...

I wonder why didn't Steven Spielberg have more important role in the film.

Anonymous said...

the decepticons looks so scary with their sharp teeth!

Anonymous said...

june 28!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

IZ: Bite you? Don't regret babe. I tend to leave a mark behind.