Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Consumers United Against StarHub Petition

From July, StarHub will increase its cable TV subscription charges. This has made many in Singapore unhappy. Now there's even an online petition to stop StarHub from doing what many say is an unfair treatment to its customers. From Consumers United Against StarHub Price Hike Petition:
Dear Consumers,

This is THE time we, the consumers, stand UNITED and send a strong message to monopolistic businesses and instituitions in Singapore, which constantly subject us to price hikes and unfair business practices.

These are the following reasons on where we stand and why YOU should sign on this petition:

1. Starhub's terms and conditions are unfair and baised against the consumer. We should be allowed avenues to terminate the contract in the event of price hike, without incurring penalties.

2. New price hike should apply to new sign-ups only, and NOT to consumers with existing contracts.

3. Cable TV market should be freed up and made easy for new entrants to provide alternative programme choices ie. via satellite dish, for the consumers. Existing program groups should also be broken down into smaller ones and more pay-per-view programs be introduced.

4. CASE has so far produced disappointing results in cases where it faced-off with big institutions, especially those with governmental links ie. public transport price hike, GST increase, utilities price increase, HDB season parking rate hike etc . Not only are we standing united to pressure Starhub, we are also pressuring CASE to take a stronger stance against these institutions, in view of the long-term interest of Singapore's consumers.
Go sign the petition now!

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