Friday, June 29, 2007

Wired Magazine's Transformers Story

Director Michael Bay (I love you Michael Bay!) has posted a Wired Magazine story of Transformers on his website. Wired Magazine is also featuring Optimus Prime on its cover. From Michael Bay:

... Bay says that weight-mass orthodoxy informed the decision to make Prime a hog-nosed semi instead of the flat-front model from the cartoon, which, he says, would have yielded only 23 feet of robot height. (He wanted Prime to stand at least 30 feet tall.) He also insists that it was these practicalities — and not his movie's partnership with Chevy — behind his heretical decision to convert cuddly Bumblebee into a bitchin' Camaro. Physics also informed the decision to make Megatron, originally a pistol, into a jet; and Frenzy, the beloved Decepticon cassette tape, is now a shiny boom box. But other alterations were simply Bay's prerogative. Optimus Prime now boasts bright orange cholo flames and — much to fans' horror — lips. "I'm the director. I make my own decisions. I like to paint the house green, even when everyone says it's got to be white."

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Unknown said...

"It's my party, and I'll cry if I want to.."

But yeah, Michael Bay RULES!