Monday, June 18, 2007

Ghost caught on Sitter Cam

Parents were worried about the new babysitter they hired so they hid a camera in their child's bedroom. When they checked the footage, they couldn't believe their eyes. View the video here. Booooooo.

(Thanks xXx)


Monkey said...


Almost as spooky when a couple of friends told me (one after another, in relation to the same event) that ghosts can't talk.

The exchange went like this:-

Friend A: "Ghosts can't tell you anything because they cannot talk."

Friend B: (Without missing a beat) "Yep, ghosts can't talk".

They were both so serious when they said it that they really freaked me out!

Anonymous said...

that has got to be a joke! that's a dude in the sheet, right? but it was quite spooky at first when the rocking chair rocked by itself. oOooOoO