Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Women prefer men who look like dad

Interesting new study reveals that women who were their "daddy's girl", tend to be attracted to men who look like their fathers. From Live Science:
The women who had reported positive relationships with their fathers were much more likely to be attracted to men resembling their fathers, the researchers found. On the other hand, women with bad dad relationships did not find men who looked like their fathers appealing.

“While previous research has suggested this to be the case, these controlled results show for certain that the quality of a daughter’s relationship with her father has an impact on whom she finds attractive,” Boothroyd said in a prepared statement. “It shows our human brains don't simply build prototypes of the ideal face based on those we see around us, rather they build them based on those to whom we have a strongly positive relationship.”
I don't really know how true this is but I think it will be strange to find out a girl likes me because I resemble her dad. Crikey!

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