Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Malaysian sports cable TV viewers get the best deal

In today's The New Paper, writer Lim Say Heng studied the current cable subscription packages of Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand and found out that StarHub's offerings seem to lag way behind Malaysia's Astro which has the best sports cable deal in the region. From The New Paper (time sensitve link):
Football lovers in Malaysia have a wider variety to choose from, with J-League, Copa Libertadores and the Cocacaf Gold Cup on offer, in addition to the EPL, Spanish Primera Liga and Italian Serie A.

What's more, the cheapest Astro Family Package (with a mini-package and sports) is about $12 less than StarHub's present minimum sports package of $36.75.

And it offers seven more channels than Singapore's StarHub.

On the surface, the Paket Prime and Paket Sport combination offered by Indonesia's IndoVision seems similar to StarHub's minimum package in terms of price and sports programmes on offer.

The Indonesian broadcaster does not show the Spanish league matches, but offers the Italian Serie A instead, and only a two-dollar difference separates them.

But if you look beyond the sports channels, you will see how IndoVision also trumps StarHub.

IndoVision offers 40 non-sports channels in its Paket Prime, compared to StarHub's offer of a maximum of 14 similar channels at the same price.

What's more, the former offers channels such as Playhouse Disney Channel, Celestial Movies and Fashion TV, which StarHub subscribers have to pay an extra fee of between $4 and $8 per month to add each channel on.
In other words, StarHub SUCKS! Come on Astro. Come to Singapore!

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Calvin Foo said...

yes, but singapore lose out because of the no. of subscribers.

isn't it obvious?