Monday, June 11, 2007

Wanted: Husband for my too old and short daughter

Anyone wants to marry a short and old South Korean lady? She got really a rich dad who's worth 107 million dollars, you know. Any takers? From Yahoo News:
A South Korean millionaire is seeking someone to marry his "too old and short" daughter and a matchmaking agency tasked with the search says it has received 200 applications in four days...

"This father is looking for a son-in-law to marry his daughter," Sunoo said in a notice on its website.

"He wants a man who can lead his family, which has no sons."

The website describes the woman as a 38-year-old, US-educated and Christian professional. "Despite the shortcomings of being a bit too old and short, she is top-notch in terms of other conditions," it said.

"The man she wants should be tidy, healthy and smart and raised in the same religion in an upright family."
Hmmm... top-notch in terms of other conditions? I wonder what. Ahem. Anyway, being too old and short doesn't mean she's ugly aye so it's not really too bad aye. I would have applied but I ain't a Christian so that counts me out and besides a certain Miss Niigaki Risa wouldn't be too happy if I do so.


Anonymous said...

IZ: You are NOT marrying that Niigaki gal!!!

Anonymous said...

I want to apply!