Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Japanese eating legend suffers jaw injury

Poor Takeru Kobayashi. The Japanese dude - known for his hot dog eating ability - looks like he will retire because of an injury to his jaw. From FOX Sports:
The Japanese eating legend was diagnosed with jaw arthritis and can barely open his mouth. In an entry on his blog entitled "Occupational hazard,'' Kobayashi said: "My jaw refused to fight any more.''

"I feel ashamed that I couldn't notice the alarm bells set off by my own body,'' he said. "But with the goal to win another title with a new record, I couldn't stop my training so close to the competition.

"I was continuing my training and bearing with the pain but finally I destroyed my jaw.''

Kobayashi, 29, set his first world record as a rookie in the Nathan's Famous contest in 2001. He ate 50 hot dogs in 12 minutes, nearly doubling the previous record. He upped the ante last year with 53¾.
Remember kids, don't eat so many hotdogs at one go aye. Even the professionals can injure themselves doing it.

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