Thursday, May 18, 2006

Beware of Postural Syndrome

Those of us who are spending hours daily infront of our computers should beware of postural syndrome, a repetitive stress to the neck and thoracic spine, or the 12 vertebrae of the mid-back and chest area. From
A prolonged slouch over many years causes the disc space to narrow, which in turn can cause nerve irritation that spreads underneath the shoulder blades, down the arms and down the back...

Its concentration in the fourth thoracic spine leads some to refer to it as "T4 syndrome" because it can cause numbness to nerves in the back and arms, and radiate pain to the upper and lower back. Despite the differences in terms, all doctors and physical therapists agree: The human body was not meant for sitting or working in one position all day, and prolonged work at the computer can eventually cause the body to short-circuit.

"It's not a life-or-death situation," Palmer said. "It just sucks to have to live with it."


sharlet said...

Uh-oh! Thanks for the reminder/warning!

Anonymous said...

DAMN! My back hurts now. Hope it is not postural syndrome.

Anonymous said...

IZ: That's when your famous massages come in handy.