Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Time for the world to act on Burma

The military junta that operates Burma is terrorizing thousands of families living in the eastern part of the country with cruel and barbaric acts. From BBC:
The Khu family had arrived a day earlier trekking for a month from their village.

The father, Sawmaw, said Burmese government troops had burned every house and killed some of his neighbours.

The family then fled with a bag of rice and a blanket. Thirteen-year-old Sayploe helped carry his younger brothers.

Another man, Sawwysher, told me Burmese soldiers had ordered his village to watch them torture a suspected rebel.

They tied him to a tree and beat him to death.

In the past few months, government troops have launched a major new offensive.

That has triggered an exodus of civilians, perhaps as many as 15,000, who are either hiding in the jungle or heading for the border with Thailand.
I find it strange that the US, the UN and the world takes the global fight on terror so seriously but they do nothing to prevent the terrorist Burmese government and military from killing, raping and torturing its people. The ASEAN countries are also turning a blind eye towards the atrocities of their neighbour. Countries like Singapore do nothing but continue to invest heavily in Burma through joint ventures with the military regime. How many more people in Burma have to suffer and die before the world acts? Here's my message to the UN. Wanna fight terror? Let's do it in Burma before it is too late.


Anonymous said...

They have been doing this for many years.

I'm ashamed of our government for feeding those bastards.

Anonymous said...

thanks 4 highlightin dis. i almost forgot dat we hav an evil country in our neighbourhood.

Anonymous said...

Pity the Karen people who will be wiped out soon by the Burmese army.

Anonymous said...

Asean should kick them out for starters.

Anonymous said...

What the Burmese military govt is doing is one of the world's most atrocious ethnic cleansing. Govts like this must pay the price for their cruel actions.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Urm, you advocate an invasion? And who is going to provide the troops? Would you be willing to be part of the contingent involved in the invasion?

The oppressed Mons, the Karens, and other minority tribes have always been struggling with the majority Burmans.

What of the Naga in Nagaland across the border in India? They are supposed being suppressed by the Indians. May I know if you will also advocate an invasion there?

Oh yes, don't forget the Kurds in Turkey. Turkey isn't exactly dealing with them with kids' gloves.

And also the people of Papua in Indonesia who are being oppressed by the Indonesia government.

Wait wait, there are lots more. Iranians oppressing the Zoroastrian minority? (religion)

Anonymous said...

I don't think most people are advocating an invasion but I strongly believe that military action must be taken only when everything else fails.

Ok so what are the actions the world can take? Let's start off with the UN condemning the actions of the Burmese military government. The US should take the lead in coming up with a resolution. The world needs to make their displeasure known to Burma and warn them of consequences. ASEAN member countries must also do their part. We can remove them from ASEAN. This will put further pressure on them. Trade sanctions should them take place. Foreign investments in the country must stop. The world must also force the Burmese military government to bring democracy back in the country. The UN can also send a few inspectors and a small peacekeeping force to ensure that the Burmese are adhering to the international community. And the most important thing is to allow the NGOs and other aid organisations to provide help to the victims of the atrocities.

Chuang, you did highlight the other countries that are being oppressed. Oppression and genocide are two different things. Oppression is when certain group is being kept down by unjust use of force, authority, or societal norms. Genocide is to kill, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group. What is happening in Burma isn't oppression. It's genocide which is a crime under the international law.

Now, we can sit back and watch the systematic killings of an ethnic race happenning in another country or we can do something about it.

There're so many problems in the world. The UN has shown that it cannot solve every single problem but that doesn't mean the world should not try to solve at least one or two.

Anonymous said...

I am a myanmar/burma working in Singapore. This army junta has been doing this acts for long, they took over our country ignoring our 1998 election results and imprisoned our leader "Aung San Su Kyi". Our country economy is going backward, yet the Asean is gurading the army junta. Just because they can earn millions from us. SG may b a small country but SG embassy in Yangon is Hugh like a palace. They are in full support of the army junta and benefiting tons out of it...

Anonymous said...

Nicely said IZ.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Hi IZ,

I can understand your disillusionment with a policy of engagement.

May I know if you can provide the sources and documentation of this genocide?

The running war is well-known.