Friday, May 26, 2006

So dark the con of NUS

This is one of the new NUS Business School ads that is airing on TV (via Balderdash). American mum (to her daughter who got accepted into the school) said,"You know they don't sell chewing gum there...And I hear the boys are way too cute for my liking."

bakuretsu10shi is just one of many who thinks that the NUS ad is poorly conceived and suggested that it would be more believable if they used an Indian or African family instead. From bakuretsu10shi:
I can't believe foreigners (or to be precise, Caucasian foreigners envision years in drab boring air-conditioned Singapore as something to look forward to when they've got better business schools in their own countries. Note how the mother's eyes glaze over when the word Singapore comes to mind, as if she's trying to figure what the hell her daughter was referring to... Singapore... ? Oh, that's that island with the really clean toilets! I'm amazed at the mother's highly detailed and accurate knowledge of my island nation. I'm so proud of Singapore, tiny and gum-free, with boys so cute Caucasian mothers don't like them. *sob*
Vox Iuvenium looks deeper into NUS' marketing strategy. From Vox Iuvenium:
Advertising is advertising but this marketing campaign is poorly conceived, and a business school ought to know better: The top students who are considering an undergraduate business education are likely to prioritize placement statistics and salary ranges - they want to see how many from the current graduating class are in which firms, at what average salaries. They want to see lists of on-campus recruiters. They want to see summer internship and graduate school placement numbers. When the claims in the ads have very little correlation with those numbers, the campaign may even be counterproductive.
Everybody now: SO DARK THE CON OF NUS.


Anonymous said...

It is stupid. Why would Americans wanna come to Singapore to study???!!!

Anonymous said...

I prefer the other NUS biz school ad which is targetted for locals.

Anonymous said...

So dark the con of NUS!!! Hahaha!

Anonymous said...

I wonder how the american viewers will react to this ad.

Anonymous said...

Shy: I don't think they will come here. No chewing gum.

Anonymous said...

You mean they know Singapore??!!!


Oh yeah, that small little "fine" island.

Somewhere in South East Asia.

Very hot. Humid.

Strict rule.

Boring night life.

Education system suck.

No freedom of speech.

OK, still wanna come??

Welcome then!

Anonymous said...

Pls lah... Americans will not choose NUS Business School to do their MBAs.

Anonymous said...

The full-time MBA program at NUS Business School is ranked 92nd world-wide according to Financial Times.

More interesting info:

75% of their students come from Asia while 25% are from Western Europe.

Looks like none from North America.