Wednesday, May 03, 2006

How to win the General Election

Now we know why the PAP always win in the elections here in Singapore. The reason? It is quite obvious isn't it? Their campaign posters are BIGGER than their rivals! As the saying goes, "A big lightning will always strike down a small hammer."

Opposition parties, do take note. Next time, make bigger campaign posters ok? Link to Flickr photo.


Linsey` said...

I don't really know about Spore's politics but the picture actually makes sense heh.

mr black said...

Didn't they know bigger is better? hehehe

sharlet said...

Vote for the hammer and you get electrocuted. Hehe! Sad case. Btw guess what, I don't have to vote this year. F. But methinks, not like my vote will make a difference la. Sigh.

jangace said...

haha- another case of size does matter!!

serene said...

Ha! You are right. PAP wins! ;o)

Thanx to their big posters...hahaha