Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Thanks for the Photobloggies nomination

The finalists for the 2006 Photobloggies have been announced. My photoblog Katoomba Syndrome is in the Best South East Asia Photoblog category. Yeah! This year's winners will be chosen by a panel of judges from photo magazines such as JPG Magazine, Gomma Magazine, foto8 and more. The winners will be announced on May 22.

I'm really honoured to be in the company of other wonderful photobloggers Imran from Singapore, Ziboy from China, Hayath from India and Leslie who is backpacking in China till Christmas, in the awards' Best South East Asia Photoblog category. If I'm one of the judges, I will give the award to Foto by Imran. Imran's works are simply stunning. Well done mate.

Lastly, many many thanks to all those who took the trouble to nominate my photoblog. You guys are the best! Here's something for all. Just click the play button, listen and enjoy.

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Thanks again and lots of love.


zenazee said...

not only u take nice photos but u sing and play the guitar too. impressive.

Bengster said...

IZ, Singapore Idol this yr bo?

Shy said...

I nominated for you and this is all you can do? Ha!

Sing for me live. I don't care!!!

Myra Leong said...

IZ's GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ryan said...

congrats iz and don't be modest. both ur work and imran's works are awesome.

Alvin said...


weiyun said...

ahhh ur voice


Giselle Loh said...

*playing it over n over again

Mr Big said...

If I'm the judge, I give you additional points for that rendition of Gone.

Yishene said...

IZ, I have always loved your photos and now I love your voice. Thatz hot leh.

PARTIPAN said...

Very nice photos you got there. Your startrails photo blew me away.

sweet pup said...

hehe is that ur voice???

Rickie said...

Well look at all those fancy clothes
But these could keep us warm
Just like those.
And what about your soul
Is it cold
Is it straight from the mold
And ready to be sold.

And cars and phones and diamond rings
Bling, bling
Those are only removable things
And what about your mind
Does it shine or
Are there things that concern you more
Than your time

Gone going
Gone everything
Gone give a damn
Gone be the birds when they don’t want to sing
Gone people
All awkward with their things

Look at you out to make a deal
You try to be appealing but you lose your appeal
And what about those shoes you’re in today
They’ll be no good
On the bridges you burnt along the way

You’re willing to sell anything
Gone with your herd
Leave your footprints
And we’ll shame them with our words

Gone people
All careless and consumed
Gone going
Gone everything
Gone give a damn
Gone be the birds if they don’t want to sing
Gone people
All awkward with their things

Sir Thomas said...

Well done IZ.

r'chelle said...


Boywonder said...

Thanks dude for making me wanna buy a Jack Johnson CD.

GeekGod said...

HEHE..Thats 2 yrs in a row.

adam said...

good job. one thing i can do is vote loh. ^^

pinkdior said...

i lurve ur voice!

mr black said...

Go IZ! Go!!!!

Keep up the good work.

Johnny Q said...

Congrats dude.

Alvin said...

The Photobloggies are the Pulitzer Prize of internet photography!!!

Chuang Shyue Chou said...