Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Health treatments in Tokyo

Chocolate spa, the human washing machine, Yomogi Mushi are some of the eclectic health treatments that are popular with the people in Tokyo. Metropolis takes a closer look at ten wonderful but weird health treatments. From Metropolis:
8. Yomogi Mushi

This centuries-old therapy is imported from Korea and basically involves wafting steam into the privates of females for the purpose of enhancing their reproductive capabilities. How does the steam reach its destination, you ask? Well, you sit naked, legs akimbo, on a chair with a hole in the seat. Then an assistant puts a small tent over your head and adds boiling water and herbs to a basin underneath you, whereupon steam billows up through the tent and poaches your accoutrements. Obvious, really.

“It cleans the uterus,” explains therapist Eiko Nomichi. “Women use it if they have a problem, or just to maintain good health.” Professor Keum Pang of Howard University in Washington, DC adds, “This practice enhances general homeostasis, circulation and vital energy, leading to healthy fertility with hygiene.” In the end, it made no difference to my homeostasis, but I’d certainly recommend it to any woman seeking an unusual way to dry-clean her lady-garden. Rakuzaya, ¥2,010 for 30min.
Yomogi Mushi for you ladies? Hehe.


Anonymous said...

Does it really work?

Anonymous said...

Myra Leong: You go try gal and tell us if it enhances ur reproductive capabilities.


Anonymous said...

The japanese and their kinky contraptions.

Anonymous said...

karenz: I think I'm pretty fertile and clean thanks.

Merv Kwok said...

biiaannngzzz. suuuree or not? just like the japanese i guess haha

Anonymous said...