Thursday, May 11, 2006

Don't sell pirated DVDs to a minister

Here's an advice for those of you who might be planning to sell pirated DVDs or VCDs as a career. Do NOT sell them to a minister especially one who is heading the crackdown on piracy in your country. From Yahoo News:
A Malaysian peddler of pirated DVDs has been busted after unwittingly offering his wares to Consumer Affairs Minister Shafie Apdal as he sat at a popular restaurant strip, a report said.

Shafie, who is masterminding Malaysia's campaign to crack down on piracy ahead of negotiations with the United States for a free-trade agreement, was offered a range of the latest movie titles, the New Straits Times said.

He then organised a sting operation which saw the peddler arrested after he sold DVDs to officers posing as buyers, it said.
(Thanks Farid)

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Anonymous said...

The minister must be thinking it is his lucky day when the guy tried to sell him the pirated stuff.