Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Ten Commandments of Bangkok Bar Girls

Ladies and gents, presenting The Bangkok Bar Girls' Ten Commandments. "Thou shall not say how fat or ugly he is." Interesting read on how these girls really work. From FriskoDude:
1. At the end of the week, specifically Friday and Saturday, many locally employed walking ATM machines will come to your bar, choose carefully! Some have money, but others do not! If he is wearing a suit and tie, check that the tie is not a Pratunam special and check that he isn't wearing trainers. If he is, forget him because he is most likely an English teacher, and they will only give you peanuts, if they give you anything at all.

2. No matter how fat and ugly he is, no matter how bad he may smell, no matter how drunk he is, make sure you always tell him he is handsome. Sit close to him and run your hands over his body, arousing him. As soon as he has paid the bar fine, you can stand clear of him. Even if he knows that you despise him, he'll still pay you. The hard part is getting him to pay the bar, and as soon as he has done that, the rest is easy.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Walking ATMs.

Anonymous said...

Dun have to look so far. In Batam also got lots of walking ATMs.

Anonymous said...

I'm a walking ATM too but always empty.