Monday, May 01, 2006

Singapore gets gay guidebook

A guidebook to the gay and lesbian scene in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia was launched recently by Utopia. From Pink News:
The Utopia Guide to Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia reveals for the first time in print the fascinating and varied gay lifestyle of these countries in one hefty volume filled with a wealth of information.

Listed within are contact details for organisations and businesses that are popular with both local and visiting homosexuals, including accommodation, bars, discos, spas, and restaurants.

A special section of the book highlights groups, clubs, and spaces that are especially welcoming for women. Hundreds of tips and warnings from locals and visitors provide first hand insights for both frequent visitors and armchair explorers.
Utopio has also released gay guidebooks to countries such as Thailand, China and Korea. You can buy them here.

(Thanks Gaylord)

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