Sunday, May 21, 2006

Blogger reports on Mount Merapi

Chad, a freelance reporter living in Jakarta, Indonesia is currently reporting the eruption of Mount Merapi and the evacuation of thousands of nearby residents. On Thursday night, he got a close look at the lava pouring out of the mountain. From Mount Merapi:
Last night, I closed in on the mountain to get a look at the lava. A group of students studying English at the school I’ve been attending offered to sneak me up to a spot about 6 miles from the crater. The outer edge of the predicted danger zone is 4 miles from the summit. The group was comprised mostly of Indonesian guys who like to play army with air rifles. Think paintball geeks, and you’ll have the right picture.
According to his latest post on Saturday, Mount Merapi is still throwing out a lot of smoke.

(Thanks Jason)

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