Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Cover version cds sold in Singapore

pu2, an Indonesian studying in one of the universities in Singapore, discovers dirt cheap CDs being sold here. The catch is it isn't the original artiste who is singing but some other dude who re-recorded his songs. From pu2:
Yesterday I went to one of Singapore's many shopping centres. At the ground floor, I couldn't help not to notice a very big, enticing sign. It said, "CD Sale - $3 each!" There was even a crazier price tag below it, "$1 each for 5 CDs!" Drawn inside by the very cheap price (as one CD would normally cost you $20 - $25 here in Singapore), I glanced over the plain of CDs, arranged on a very big table.

The names on the CD covers seemed promising: Michael Bolton, George Michael, ABBA, Coldplay, even Robbie Williams and Norah Jones to name a few. But then, I noticed something peculiar about the covers: I'd never seen any of them in any other CD store! All of them were also labeled as "The Best of" albums and I noticed that The Best of George Michael had a rather pixelated photo of the singer on its cover.


Anonymous said...

Must go search for them. I haven't seen one yet.

Anonymous said...

Where he saw those? Pasar malam is it??

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

I have seen them in Sim Lim Square. The open area on the ground floor where they sell everything.

I have seen them in quite a few places.

Unknown bands playing popular hits.

Anonymous said...

Are these legal CDs???

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Cover versions?

I think they are legal.

But they sound awful. Imagine those live bands you see in pubs on weekends performing these songs... That level of competence.