Monday, May 29, 2006

World press chiefs discuss how to beat bloggers

Newspapers are taking bloggers and citizen journalism as threats to their industry and have sent their chiefs to discuss how to beat bloggers. From Today:
Krishna Bharat, a principal scientist for Internet search engine giant Google, warned editors that the web was going to reshape their industry.

"With each previous new technology, the face of journalism changed and we reinvented ourselves, but the heart of journalism -- the editorial process, editorial objectivity and values did not change," Bharat said.

He warned that bloggers -- people recording their lives, the events they witnessed first-hand and what they thought of it -- were going to grow increasingly significant.

Bharat said that as the number of bloggers rose, those churning out valuable journalism would too -- which editors had to take into account.
On behalf of my fellow bloggers, I say - Bring them on!

(Thanks Shy)

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