Friday, July 14, 2006

Aussie sex workers battle it out with their Asian counterparts

Poor Aussies. Even the local prostitutes have to deal with Asian competition. From The Age:
Cut-price Asian sex workers are flooding Australia's sex market, stealing the "bread and butter" of more expensive local prostitutes, a Perth madam says.

West Australian brothel owner Mary-Anne Kenworthy says she spent thousands of dollars investigating Asian women listing their sexual services in Perth newspapers.

She said she found hundreds of the women working out of illegal suburban brothels, for half the going rate of $250 an hour.

The majority of them were working illegally on tourist and student visas and more were arriving all the time, she said.


Gregory Lions said...

$250 an hour! I don't know what that Aussie Dingaroo dollar is worth but that sounds way too high! I applaud the Asian women!

xXx said...

We all need competition.

Anonymous said...

Aussies, Asians...I prefer RUSSIANS! ;o)

pkchong said...

depends on what you like.
most would still prefer caucasian women.

Lord Kimbo said...

$250 is for those high class Aussie pros. You can still get pretty cheap ones around $80 to $100. Lots at Kings Cross.

pinkdior said...

lord kimbo: i see u have lots of experience there.