Monday, July 17, 2006

Ghost exhibition in Malaysia

The Sultan Alam Shah Museum in Selangor, Malaysia is holding a “Genies, Ghost, Coffin?” exhibition till 4 October 2006. On exhibit are "real" ghosts and other spiritual beings that have been exorcised and captured. Also on display is a mermaid. From the star:
Encased in glass, the exhibit is half-a-metre long with hair and scales on its body and the tail of a fish.

The mermaid’s owner, Safuan Abu Bakar, is adamant that the exhibit is real.

He told The Star that he and a group of bomoh (mediums) took months to locate the mermaid “in a secret location in a neighbouring country.”

“After locating it, we performed special prayers, including throwing yellow rice into the sea, to entice the creature out,” he said.

The mermaid died when it surfaced.

A visitor, Mohd Rafi Osman, 35, said he came out of the exhibition with mixed feelings.
For pictures of the ghosts on exhibit, click here. I'm sure they are all hoaxes but they sure give me the creeps.

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baybe foxx describes her experience at the exhibition: As we entered the place, I felt a bit uncomfortable as the ‘kemenyan’ smell was lingering all around us. It was dark. The first stop was the pontianak cube. All that I could see was a replica being half buried on the ground and nothing else. But a dear friend of mine, two dear frens actually, L and M, said they saw something else...

Stephanie meiyu complains about the queue: It was a disaster i tell! 1st, we went there at night thinking there'll be lesser people, but no!!!! it was my 1st time queuing to go in a Museum and the queue was not normally short but it was longer than the Great Wall of China!!!!!

The Bernama report on the exhibition: "Almost 90 per cent of the exhibits are real and in their original form. Apart from the ghosts, we also have exhibits related to offerings and sacrifices. These artefacts are loaned from Muzium Nurul A'la in Kuang, Selangor," said Mohd Lotfi. In total, there are 100 artefacts related to ghosts and genies exhibited at the museum with 13 ghost artefacts in their original form.

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ayahpin said...

The museum says that these are real.

Lord Kimbo said...

Finally prove that these things exist.


Alvin said...

How come they don't look anything like Casper the Ghost?


r'chelle said...

why don't they get some scientists to check on the authenticity of the exhibits...get some dna n xray done?

Anonymous said...

these things do exist but the question is is it possible to capture these beings and make them visible like the ones in the exhibition.

pinkdior said...

i hate ghosts.

Bengster said...

The mermaid looks so damn fucking ugly liao.

ENG said...

Dun pray pray, malaysia bomoh very power you know.

Mas said...

The Malay newspaper in Singapore on Sunday carried a front page story on this. Real creepy man.

finatiq said...