Thursday, July 06, 2006

Modified tuk-tuk hits Britain

The tuk-tuk is a popular form of transportation found in countries like Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. Soon, it will be popular in Britain too. From Times Online:
Despite their poor reputation for safety, Mr Ponniah, 26, became convinced that tuk-tuks would catch on in Britain, especially if he added a few reassuring features such as roll bars, side-impact protection and seatbelts.

He has imported 12 from Pune in India and today begins Britain’s first tuk-tuk service in Brighton. A service for Central London is planned for next year, followed by others in Bristol, Manchester, Birmingham and Edinburgh.

In Brighton, adults will pay a flat fare of £2.50 and children £1.50. They will share the ride with strangers, with up to three people squeezed into the open-sided cabin behind the driver. The service will run all year on a set route. Mr Ponniah is confident that there will still be a demand in winter, when the only protection from the cold and rain will be a plastic curtain.


Lord Kimbo said...

Modified huh? Got zoom zoom zoom or not?

pkchong said...

we should have tuktuk here in singapore. give the taxis a run for their money.

tyra lim said...

oh we should ride it together thru the bridge to big ben! how romantic