Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Human Space Invaders

The classic video game Space Invaders, recreated using 67 people sitting in a theatre. From Not So Noisy:
On Saturday June 24, 2006, 67 people sat thus down during almost 4 hours in the steps of room of spectacle Espace Nuithonie in precise places and simulated the pixels of the play. For each of the 390 catches of sights, these human pixels moved or not, of seat in seat. All the images of the performance were assembled to make a 3 minutes of them video. The result: a group of people appearing the vessel defender of the Earth balances individuals on the extraterrestrial armada consisted various groups of people, which, in return, release human beings on the vessel. Was the Earth invaded? Not this time!
(Thanks Sing Huat)

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