Wednesday, July 12, 2006

World Cup 2010 logo revealed

The logo for the next World Cup in 2010 to be held in South Africa was revealed in Berlin recently. I see a frog jumping over a pork chop. Do you? Maybe it's just me. From IOL:
Some like it, some hate it, others are not so sure. The newly-unveiled 2010 Soccer World Cup logo has been met with a mixed response from Cape Town's soccer fraternity.

The logo, designed for the 2010 event in South Africa, represents the shape of Africa in the colours of our flag. Superimposed over it is a somewhat abstract figure of a footballer, possibly inspired by San art, executing an overhead "bicycle" kick.

Goolam Allie, CEO of Santos Football Club, said that he was not overwhelmingly impressed. "It just didn't say 'Wow' to me. I didn't see it for long but I don't believe I should have to. I am not an artist and as a non-artist something either appeals to me or it doesn't - and this doesn't."


Bengster said...

better than the germany world cup logo lah. smiley faces for what.

Boywonder said...

Where's the frog? Where the pork chop? How come I don't see??

Lord Kimbo said...

Much better than the logo this year.