Thursday, July 13, 2006

England is fifth strongest team in the world

England, which dissapointed many with their performances in the World Cup, has moved up to fifth place in the new Fifa World Rankings. From Times Online:
The rankings, released yesterday, suggest that England are the fifth strongest team in the world, behind Brazil, who retained the top spot, Italy, who are in second place despite their World Cup victory, Argentina and France. Portugal, who also knocked England out in the quarter-finals of Euro 2004, are rated the eighth strongest team.

The new system, which was revamped over the summer, takes into account matches played over the past four years instead of the past eight. It also changes the weighting system, with more importance given to World Cup games rather than friendly matches. Regional strength is also considered, as are opponents, goals scored and conceded, and home or away venues.
England, the fifth strongest team in the world? Haha. What a load of crap!


Anonymous said...

It is rubbish rankings like these that make the English players think that they can be World Champions.

Anonymous said...

Where's Singapore? Hehe.