Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Why am I so tired?

If you eat right, excercise regularly, sleep 7.5 hours each night, in good health but still feel extremely sluggish throughout the day and literally cannot function without at least two cups of coffee at work and then come home from work and just pass out on your bed exhausted, then surely you would ask yourself, what is wrong with you? Why are you so tired? Hmmm, maybe you should drink more. From Ask Metafilter:
Increase you water intake. I went through the same problem about a year ago. I was getting enough sleep and I was working out regularly. I was only drinking about a liter of water a day. I increased that to about three liters. (The amount varies on your diet and body type). Within a week I noticed a HUGE difference. After about a week and a half I could actually sleep less and feel more alert.

A formula to use:
8oz when you wake up
8oz ever two hours throughout the day
8oz before you go to bed

From what I understand the body is only capable of absorbing 8oz every two hours. Anymore is just jettisoned. So drinking all of it in 1 hour has no real benefit. If you continue to drink that amount of coffee you will need to drink even more water. Try drinking a natural apple juice in the morning instead of coffee. It is proven to give you more energy with less of a crash.


Mr Big said...

IZ: Drink more (looks at ur flickr pic)? Haha...right on!

Myra Leong said...

Try dirnking apple juice instead of coffee? Errrr, I need my coffee!

r'chelle said...

Drinking chivas will make you more tired in the day.

pkchong said...

sleeping early works for me

Shy said...

Just be prepared to go to the toilet more often.

GeekGod said...

Why do we get tired?

a) Our brain cells get tired of working
b) Our bodies feels weak and we need to rest
c) Not much exercise
d) Lack of good nutrition
e) Not enough rest

NICK said...

Too much coffee and even tea is bad. You take 6 cups of coffee a day or 10 cups of tea and they will upset your sleep and make you tired the next day.

tyra lim said...

oh sweetie, u need some good rest!