Monday, July 24, 2006

Kim Jong Il has a blog!

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il keeps an online journal of his conversations with George Bush. LOL. From Kim Jong Il (the illmatic)'s Journal:
License2KimJongill: Knock Knock
Bush43: Oh for Christs sake
License2KimJongill: Knock Knock
Bush43: Fine. Who's there?
License2KimJongill: Wait I messed up.
License2KimJongill: Let me start all over again.
License2KimJongill: Knock Knock.
Bush43: Who's there?
License2KimJongill: Typo.
Bush43: Typo who?
License2KimJongill: Typo Dong Missile!
Bush43: You don't scare me Kim.
Bush43: Bring it on!
License2KimJongill: Oh I will
Bush43: Knock Knock
License2KimJongill:Who's there?
Bush43: Economic sanctions and six way party talks!
License2KimJongill: Uh
License2KimJongill: I don't think you understand the structure of the knock knock joke.


Kevin said...

Haha... wanna see more taepodongs?

Mr Big said...

Typo Dong! Ha!!!!!