Friday, July 28, 2006

How to write an email

Here's an easy guide to writing emails and how to get a promt reply from your recipient. From Blue Flavour:
Short emails rule. When I get an email that's several pages long, I have to make some decisions: do I have time to handle this now? Is it important enough to come back to? Can I pass it on to someone else? If I can't say yes to any of these, I will probably never get back to it.

You may have lots of information to share, but in email you are in a long list of others competing for your recipient's attention. Keeping it brief is a sign of respect, and it's less likely to cause added stress to your reader.

Supporting material or other important info can be attached, but keep it separate from who you are, what your issue is, and what you want from me.

If you're passing a thread along, trim what isn't needed. Why make the email look longer than it really is?
(Thanks GeekGod)

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