Wednesday, July 05, 2006

World Cup winner will not bring home the real trophy

I just learned that whoever wins the World Cup this Sunday (please let it be the Italians), will only receive a replica of the World Cup Trophy. From BBC:
In 1970 Brazil's third victory entitled them to claim the Jules Rimet Trophy permanently, and a new trophy, the World Cup Trophy, was contested at the next tournament, four years later in West Germany.

The World Cup Trophy will not be retired until the name plaque has been filled with the names of the winners, and is expected to remain in use until 2038.

As well as winning the original trophy three times, Brazil have won the World Cup Trophy twice.

Italy won the original Cup twice and the new Trophy once, in 1982.

Germany/West Germany have won the tournament three times, twice lifting the current Trophy, and Argentina have also won the current Trophy twice.

But even if they win it again, no-one will receive this Trophy outright.

This year's winner will receive a replica of the World Cup Trophy regardless of how many times they have won it.

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