Thursday, July 20, 2006

Masturbate-a-thon coming to London

A one of a kind marathon will take place in London next month. Called the Masturbate-a-thon, it is expected to attract hundreds of people to gather in a hall in central London to pleasure themselves in aid of charity. From Masturbate-a-thon:
Participants ask friends and loved ones to sponsor them for a certain amount of money for every minute they masturbate during the Masturbate-A-Thon, or simply for having the nerve to turn up and take part!

In aid of global sexual and reproductive health agency Marie Stopes International and HIV/AIDS charity Terrence Higgins Trust, and sponsored by ID Lubricants (UK), the leading UK brand of personal lubricants, the event also aims to act as a public education device to increase the use of self pleasure as a strategy for safer sex. The Masturbate-a-thon seeks to raise awareness of, and dispel the shame and taboos that persist around, this most commonplace, natural and safe form of sexual activity.
There are also prizes up for grabs. From Guardian:
Prizes will be on offer for those who clock up the most orgasms and those who can masturbate the longest - the current record, according to the organisers, is a chafing eight-and-a-half hours.

To qualify for the record, the organisers say "at least 55 minutes of every hour shall be spent self-pleasuring by manual or sex toy stimulation" with participants getting just five minutes to "replenish and renew".
Eight-and-a-half hours!!! Crikey!

(Thanks Sir Thomas)


kk tan said...

dun think singapore will ever be having this marathon.

The Kop said...

Eight and a half hours... what the hell?!

Shy said...

No faking orgasms! Hahaha!

Masturbation Rules

1. No touching other participants.
2. NO FAKING ORGASMS! Do not waste our time. If you have an orgasm we are happy for you but this is not our goal.
3. No Drugs or Alcohol, and No Smoking.

Bengster said...

wa lao eh. how they check if the woman reach orgasm or not?

Alvin said...

8 hours and it will go numb!

SambaKing said...

It is so obvious when a man climax but it isn't the case when a woman does.

Not fair!

xXx said...


Mr Big said...

Only five minutes to replenish and renew! How can??

Anonymous said...

they should have doctors there just in case if anyone bleeds to death.

queenie said...

i believe the previous record holder is a woman.

Boywonder said...

Queenie: I am not surprised. She must have faked it all the way to the record.

Anonymous said...

I can last 9 hours.


9 mins I mean.