Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Mumbai Train Blasts

Dilip D'Souza on the horrific terrorist acts that have shocked the people living in Mumbai and the rest of India... From Death Ends Fun:
Lot of traffic there, sir, says the rickshaw driver when I tell him to take me to Bandra station. Never mind, I say, let's get as close as we can. Turns out we get all the way there in a jiffy, through pouring rain. Fire engines outside, distant disjointed sounds of sirens. Inside the station, people standing around talking, eyeing anyone who walks past. Nearly continuous announcements on the PA system, saying no trains are going anywhere on account of bomb blasts, please stay calm and cooperate with the authorities...

I've travelled in these very compartments, at this very time of day. Hundreds of times. I know how packed they are, how people hang from every inch. What happens to those people packed like that when a bomb left by a non-human goes off in there?
He has more on his blog. For more updates, do check out the Mumbai Train Blasts blog and the Mumbai Help blog.

(Thanks prakash, Illy)

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