Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Used cars smuggled from Singapore into Batam

Used cars in Singapore are in huge demand especially to those who are interested to smuggle them into Batam. The Jakarta Post reports that smuggling of used cars from Singapore into Batam is a daily occurance and even the Indonesian police, navy, army and the customs office are in the act as well. From The Jakarta Post:
"As soon as the ship arrives, the drivers have to immediately go aboard and climb into the cars. No lights are allowed, everyone must work in the dark," Sumandi said.

The ship and the land are only separated by two wooden planks just wider than the car's tires. Hitting the brakes is not an option because it would set off the back lights.

"All roads that we will pass through have been 'cleared' by the police officers paid by our boss. We're just avoiding officers who are not satisfied with the agreed payment," Sumandi said.

He said the police aiding the smuggling operation received payments of up to Rp 1.5 million each, but he did not know how much their bosses got.

The business is a profitable one. An importer who buys a used car at a price of between S$3,000 and $8,000 in Singapore can sell it in Batam for up to $30,000, depending on its type and year. If the car is sent outside Batam to Medan or Jakarta it means even more profits.


Bengster said...

Wah seh..this is good business liao!

Mr Big said...

Hey Bengster. Count me in.

mr black said...

I wonder if there's any Singapore involvement too.

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