Saturday, July 01, 2006

Light cigarettes are as deadly as regular cigarettes

Those of you who think that smoking "light" cigarettes is less of a health risk than smoking regular cigarettes should take note. Lights are as deadly as regulars. From Reuters:
Critics have long charged that cigarettes branded as "light," "ultralight," and "low-tar" dupe the public into thinking they carry fewer health risks, even though studies have shown light cigarettes to be as deadly as regulars.

Light cigarettes are designated as such because they deliver less nicotine and lower levels of toxic chemicals when the smoke is measured by a machine. In real life, however, smokers inhale comparable amounts of nicotine and tobacco chemicals regardless of the brand.

Experts say that people who use lights may, for example, inhale more deeply to get more nicotine, or simply smoke more cigarettes.

While it's clear that light cigarettes are not a healthier way to smoke, what's been unclear is whether they may actually hinder some people from quitting, Tindle told Reuters Health.

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