Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Are Americans stupid?

YouTube Link

Watch this video to find out if Americans are stupid. I have to admit. I was struggling quite a bit when trying to name a country that starts with the letter "U" but then again, I'm not American so therefore, I Not Stupid ok.

(Thanks Coffee Addict)


xXx said...


ENG said...

Im convinced. They ARE stupid.


Johnny Q said...

What is the religion of Israel?



primus said...

i like the queen elizabeth money.

Marcus Chen said...

They r just ignorant of the world.

Myra Leong said...

IZ: You should do a similar interview with Singaporeans on the street. It would be interesting to find out if we are not stupid.

finatiq said...

"im pretty mixed up with the palestinians and the israelis. which one is throwing the rocks?"

classic man!